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Austrian Rhomberg Bahntechnik participated in constructing the new Citybana in Stockholm

3. August 2015

High tech guarantees a smooth ride for travelers and smooth operation for the neighbours

Austria based company Rhomberg Bahntechnik was awarded the contract to install a double-track railway in the Citybanan tunnel in Stockholm. Citybana in Stockholm is one of the biggest projects within public transportation in Sweden with an estimated costs of SEK 16 bn (about EUR 1.7 bn). The tunnel is six kilometers long and passes under the densely inhabited inner-city of Stockholm partly submerged into lake Mälaren. The tunnel is equipped with double track dramatically improving people´s commute to and fro Stockholm’s suburbs. The first trains should be able to use the new tracks in 2017.

Rhomberg Bahntechnik is known for its great experience with challenging environments. The company´s innovative track alignment system enhances the construction of slab-track, dramatically shortening the time for track laying in the underwater tunnel. The system is called “Rhomberg Track Alignment System” (RhoTAS) and makes use of a specific railmass-spring system to enable a very precise positioning of the track. The particularity of the project was an unsolid underground where special requirements for solid track had to be taken into account, so that trains would be guaranteed a permanently smooth ride. 

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

Rhomberg Track Alignment System - Detail by Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group 

We were given the opportunity to take a closer look at the construction site and look forward to travel Rhomberg Bahntechnik’s tracks with the Citybana!