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Austrian Showcase Building Supplies

20. October 2017

Innovative Swedes demand innovative solutions

Sweden’s building industry is currently experiencing a remarkable boom. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand, Swedish builders and construction companies are continuously looking for new suppliers. Thus, Advantage Austria organized an “Austrian Showcase Building Supplies” in October. Eleven Austrian companies seized the opportunity to present their products and technologies to the purchasing managers of renowned Swedish construction enterprises such as NCC, Skanska, JM, and Veidekke Sverige. The program was arranged in a highly practice-oriented schedule also featuring visits to civil engineering company WSP as well as Sweden’s official body for the certification of construction materials, Byggvarubedömning. 

The intense program concluded with an “Austrian Business Circle” focusing on Swedish business culture. Numerous industry experts attended the mingle to provide valuable advice on the Dos and Don’ts of doing business in Sweden. 

In November, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA followed up by organizing an expedition devoted to BIM - Building Information Modelling in the Nordics. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the advanced approach stakeholders have towards the digitalization of the industry and benefit from the forward thinking mindset experts in both Finland and Sweden have adopted.  As always, the exchange of knowledge and experience among experts is of great mutual benefit.