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Big Mozartkugel Test

2. June 2015

Which Mozartkugel is best?

It's no secret that people like to celebrate “fika”-break in Sweden. Usually “kanelbullar” (cinnamon rolls) are preferred with a cup of coffee. But why not breach the tradition once and reach for a Mozartkugel? Only: which Mozartkugel is best?

We tasted four different varieties of Mozartkugels in May: 
Habakuk, Fürst (the original),  Mirabell and Reber.

We found following tastes:
Habakuk: soft, creamy texture with a predominant marzipan/pistachio flavor
Fürst: juicy, rich nougat flavor, fine dark chocolate
Mirabell: little marzipan, but both light and dark nougat, covered with milk chocolate
Reber: rich marzipan-/bitter almond taste

Convince yourself without traveling to Austria first by ordering Mozartkugels online and find your own favourite:
Fürst , HabakukMirabellReber

Background information:
An "original Mozartkugel" is formed of green pistachio marzipan and encased by nougat. This ball is then placed on a wooden stick and dipped in dark chocolate. After cooling and hardening of the mass the stick is removed, the remaining hole is filled with chocolate and the ball is wrapped by hand with a blue-silver tinfoil. In the company Fürst circa 2.75 million Mozartkugels are handmade every year. The balls remain fresh for around eight weeks.

More about the history of the Mozartkugel you will find here