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Add to your bucketlist: Blaufränkisch Wine

28. May 2015

Drinking Blaufränkisch Wine - worth an experience

The Swedish World of Wine Magazine ( ) recently published a list of wines you should absolutely drink before dying. One of the magazines insider tips was Austria’s Blaufränkisch red wine. Not only is a bottle of excellent Blaufränkisch comparably affordable but also exceptional in its taste. Blaufränkisch is a well-done red wine recognizable due to its deep red color and a breathtaking herbal flavor.

Enjoy a bottle of Blaufränkisch with your guests during a tepidly warm summer BBQ evening.

Available Austrian Blaufränkisch wines at Systembolaget:
Weingut Landauer (74898 ), Weingut Gernot Heinrich (75687 & 2909 ), Weingut J Heinrich (70386 ), Weingut Maria Kerschbaum (74267 ), Weingut Moric - Roland Velich (76999 ), Weingut gerhard Pittnauer (73499 ), Weingut Tesch (75027 & 75014 & 73653 ), Weingut Weninger (71072 )

Download a list of the entire assortment of Austrian red wines at Systembolaget [pdf, 130.4kb].