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Fascinating exhibition about beds

2. April 2015

Exhibition "Sleepless" in "21er Haus" in Vienna

The exhibition "Sleepless - The Bed Then And Now"  is shown until June 7th in the "21er Haus" in Vienna, a branch of the castle and museum Belvedere. Quite a fascinating exhibition is dedicated to the bed as an underestimated object within art history.
- The subject is so trivial that it is constantly present in life and in art, said the director of the Belvedere Agnes Husslein in connection with the presentation of the show on 28 January. Still the bed is often playing a major role.

This is illustrated by 195 works by 145 artists and for the first time a "21er Haus" - show on both levels of the house is extended. With nine thematic chapters, such as violence, politics and myth, it is possible to relate various works with each other. Moreover, the exhibition follows thematically the life cycle from birth to love, illness, loneliness and death.

The Chief Curator of the "21er Haus" Mario Codognato took the opportunity to also display high-profile jobs such as Artemisia Gentileschi quaint "Judith Holofernes heads" or Lucian Freud's "Naked girl with eggs".

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