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14. December 2015

Austria´s first lady, Mrs. Margit Fischer has had an interesting life. In her newly published autobiography “Was wir weitergeben” (What we pass on) she recalls her childhood in Sweden. We had the chance to ask Mrs Fischer five questions about her favorite spots in Sweden and Austria. 

What should a Swede visiting Austria not miss?
Austria is really a beautiful country and everyone should put together his very own sightseeing-list. But, for various reasons, one point on this list should definitely be Vienna. Salzburg could be recommended for those interested generally in culture and architecture. Most of the places on the Alpenhauptkamm, the main Alpine range, are well worth seeing, the city of Graz is the door to the South of Europe and the Arlberg mountain region is a skiing metropolis. But it goes without saying that this by far doesn´t exhaust the list of things to see in Austria!

Is there a place in Austria you would recommend to Swedes?  
Even after having stayed in Vienna for several days you won´t have seen everything worth seeing. There are also numerous places in the city with a special connection to Sweden, for example the residential area of Per-Albin-Hansson.  

What kind of food and drink should a Swede try in Austria?
The Austrian cuisine (e.g. “Tafelspitz”, an especially tender, juicily cooked beef) distinguishes itself by involving cooking styles from Hungary, Bohemia and the Western Balkans. But there are  also many Italian restaurants in Austria worth visiting.

Did you have a special (travelling-) experience in Sweden? What do you love most about Sweden?
As a child and teenager I got to know Stockholm and came to love it. In the whole of Sweden, I love the abundant coastal aereas and the vast forests. I have very fond memories of Lake Mälaren and the Skärgården.           

By which souvenir from Sweden would you be absolutely delighted ?
I  am not sure how exactly you define the term “souvenir”, but I really appreciate Swedish textiles and handicraft items.