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Austrian Innofreight supplies Fortum´s  Värtaverket with transloading solution

8. April 2016

Stockholm´s largest district heating plant relies on technology “Made in Austria” 

Finnish energy provider Fortum operates the largest district heating system in the City of Stockholm. As of the beginning of 2016 the company put Scandinavia’s largest biomass power plant into operation. Biomass arrives by ship and rail.

In the field of modern railway logistics, Austrian enterprise Innofreight supplies Fortum with each and every component necessary: 

180 units of WoodTainer SCANMAX with a loading capacity of 175 m³ on a 60 ft wagon; that is only possible due to the Swedish railway profile allowing for an extraordinary width of 3,5 m and a height of 3,15 m; by comparison, more commonly used Wood Trainer XXL has a width of 2,9 m and a height 2,9m. 

A stationary unloading facility: The tipping robot is integrated in a multifunctional building, which also can be used for the unloading of trucks. The tipping plant features an integrated weighing system; hence prior to the unloading every container is weighed. Overall the facility is capable of unloading 12.000 m³ of biomass in a three-shift cycle.  


Copyright: all images by Innofreight Speditions GmbH, Austria