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Frauscher at InnoTrans 2016

25. October 2016

World Premiere for tracking and monitoring solution in real-time Made in Austria

At the 2016 InnoTrans in Berlin, Frauscher Sensor Technology launched a new product line Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS, which has the potential to revolutionise the way of train operations. 

The system enables a wide range of possibilities for train tracking, asset condition monitoring and security requirements. It is possible to detect passing trains, wheel flats, rail breaks, footsteps on or near the cable, works such as sawing or digging, rock falls, animal herds and more – all along the track and in real-time. 

Especially taking into account the vast void of the Swedish woods and mountains, this could improve operations significantly.

On the principle of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) the new Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS can be operated using only one single core of a fibre optic cable. As most operators already have installed such cables next to their tracks for communication, implementation of this new system would be simple and quick.

Frauscher is the first supplier of rail technology, who has solved the issues for bringing DAS-based solutions to railways. During the last year, cooperation started with UK based Fotech Solutions Ltd. Together, the first railway specific approaches have been developed to a status that allows a presentation to the markets. Now this cooperation between Frauscher and Fotech will be intensified in order to push these achievements to the next level.  

Mote technical details are to found in Frauscher´s press release underneath.

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