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GreenTech from Austria

7. June 2018

Global pioneers and market leaders within environmental technology 

The Austrian environmental technology industry is among the most innovative players globally.  It even experiences faster growth than the overall Austrian economy. Providing high quality and submitting the most patents regarding ecological innovation within the European Union are two remarkable aspects. Also, Austria is among the top ten countries in all international environmental rankings. Especially prosperous business areas are water and waste management, bioenergy, recycling, sustainable building, light vehicles and smart cities.

In general, innovative companies grow faster and create higher income as well as work place satisfaction than non-innovative companies. The environmental goods and services sector generated approximately 36,3 billion euros in 2013 which resembled approximately 10,8 percent of the Austrian gross domestic product (GDP). In 2015, approximately 72 percent of Austrian environmental technology sales were exported which shows their global importance. The major export markets are situated in the European Union followed by South-East Asian countries.

These business activities also create highly positive indirect and induced effects on the Austrian economy. The majority of Austrian environmental technology companies are middle-sized and family-owned. This enables closeness to customers, personal service, and high flexibility.