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Austrian students from Academy of Economics Eferding visit Stockholm



4. April 2016

Study tour reveals interesting aspects of Swedish business culture and commerce

HAK Eferding (Upper Austria) visited Sweden’s capital for a study tour. Part of the five year curriculum is  among others an educational trip combining team building, sightseeing and learning about companies of the visited country. Each class picks a city and this year’s students were very keen on visiting the Scandinavian capital, Stockholm.

Not very surprisingly the study group wanted to learn more about IKEA once visiting the company’s home country. The group got the chance to be introduced to the company’s business culture and to be guided through one of Sweden’s biggest IKEA warehouses in Barbarby (near Stockholm).

Besides that, the group visited the marketing department of one of Sweden’s most important banks, SEB. 

To round things off we welcomed them at our office to discuss the economic relations between Austria and Sweden, look at the cultural differences and answer questions regarding Sweden’s economy.


Thank you for a pleasant visit, HAK Eferding!