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High-voltage power lines go underground

3. December 2015

Austrian Borealis and Swedish ABB develop new technology for transmission of electricity

The greatest benefit of the new concept is the near doubling of the transfer-performance of high-voltage power lines. Because of an innovative isolation with synthetic materials of extremely high purity, voltage of up to 525 kV can be reached, while common beneath-the-ground power lines reach 320 kilovolts only. 

As a result, fewer cables affect less real-estate and towering pylons destroying landscapes can be omitted. The strengths of these DC-power lines become especially obvious, when big amounts of electricity have to travel a long distance. 

Similar – yet less efficient - DC-cables can be found beneath the ground between Spain and France or in the waters between Germany Sweden. A typical future application for the new system could be used to transport electricity from wind farms in the north to southern Germany. Thanks to Austrian Borealis AG and Swedish ABB AB all without conflicting with mother nature.