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Austrian High-Tech in Wood

18. September 2014

Field trip to Vienna and Graz with focus on wood construction

From September 10th to 12th this year 16 Swedish and Danish participants visited Vienna and the region of Styria to take part in the latest technology in wood construction. The group consisted of members of architectural offices, property owners and universities. In Vienna the group got an exclusive tour on the architecture of Vienna's tallest wooden building by Michael Schluder . The building consists of three complexes which can accommodate a total of 101 apartments, one of which was visited by the group. When the building was constructed the focus was mainly on ecological solutions and sustainable materials.

Afterwards the trip continued to Styria , Austria's "green heart". The region has a long tradition of wood construction and various techniques have recently been modernized and adapted to our times. Among the visited companies were KLH Massivholz , Kulmer , Kielsteg and Mareiner Holz .

In Styria the group visited a number of interesting wooden buildings. In Graz the architect Marleen Viereck showed the Ronald McDonald house which was built according to her drawings. The house serves as a kind of hotel for families to seriously ill children while being treated in hospital.

Ernst Rainer from the Technical University TU Graz  told briefly about the plans for the old industrial area Reininghaus in Graz, which also includes a brewery. To get a better view of the area the whole group could enjoy the view from the top of a wheat silo. Currently the construction of various buildings is already in process in this area. The field trip ended with a visit to a rest home built in wood by the architect Dietger Wissounig and a residential building, also built of wood. 

The field trip also contained various events and showings where the Scandinavians and Austrians had the opportunity to exchange experiences. Although it is a bit early to draw conclusions about possible future collaborations we can point out that the interest in building wooden houses is very high, both in Austria and Sweden.

More pictures here