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Innotrans, Berlin - the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology

25. September 2018

Forum UPDATE Nordics highlighted numerous opportunities for Austrian railway expertese

Everybody within the industry goes to Berlin. AdvantageAutria made the right people meet with each other at the Forum UPDATE Nordics. At InnoTrans about 3.000 exhibitors from 60 countries are at the ready to welcome roughly 138.000 visiting experts. Thus guidance and careful planning is a key issue to make the event a success. Also this year AdvantageAutria had taken on the task to make Austrian participants acquire intelligence about the right business opportunities in the Nordic countries, i.e. get acquainted with infrastructure companies and authorities from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark with their loads of investment projects in the pipeline.

SWEDEN was prominantly represented by Ms. Camilla Ahston, Ms. Julia Axelsson and Mr. Johan Sundin of Trafikverket -  the Swedish Traffic Authorities, which – among others-  plans for a high speed rail net until 2030 – representing an investment of up to 35 bn euros alone.

DEMARK´s Rune Stenbæk Olsen of Banedanmark – in charge of the county´s railway infrastructure invests in the  expansion and renewal of existing as well as totally new railway lines. The impeding start of Femern-Tunnel connecting Denmark’s islands with Germany  will trigger numerous additional measures to optimize its effect on the whole of the Danish railroad network. The investments for the tunnel only being about 7,4 bn euros. Additional 1,3 bn euros are needed to connect the tunnel to the Ringsted-Femern line. Further adjustments, i.e. investments will be a must, to upgrade the signalling system as well as expand electrification, the latter requiring alterations at hundreds of bridges.

NORWAY´s Bane NOR, represented by Mr. Bjørn Einar Bjordal focuses on improving the infrastructure around the main cities until 2023 – investing more than 6 bn euros additionally working on high speed InterCity links allowing for speeds up to 250 km/h.

Finnland shall put a substantial amount of money into ambitiously upgrading the line between Helsinki and Turku, in order to halve travel time between these densely populated urban areas. Mr. Juha Lehtola of the Finnish railway authorities Liikennevirasto described a 3,5 bn euro budget for the latter project only, not covering an anticipated upgrade of railway lines all over the country.

As a well informed and highly motivated crowd of experts moved onward AdvantageAutria started planning for the InnoTrans 2020, as this forum has proven its effectiveness and popularity.

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