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Investments in infrastructure take precedence

30. October 2017

Stockholm counteracts the lack of both housing space and qualified professionals

Stockholm recently published a detailed plan on the expantion of its traffic infrastructure. According to schedule, more than 40 lots will be allocated through public tendering as of February 2018. A complete list of upcoming investments can either be requested at our ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA office in Stockholm or retrieved from the administrative offices of the Stockholm region

In an attempt to enhancing overall accessibility and thereby creating new urban housing areas, city officials aim to expand the subway system and to improve travelers opportunities to transfer between different local transport systems. The extension of the underground network makes previously untapped areas more attractive and spurs investments in the construction of new housing space. In total, approximately 82.000 homes will be built. Stockholm is aware of the availability of affordable housing being essential in attracting skilled employees to meet the needs of Sweden’s rapidly growing economy.