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Swedish-Austrian know-how lights up Stockholm’s Christmas

25. September 2018

By combining local insight to Swedish traditions and design aesthetics with global manufacturing resources and experience, MK Illumination Sweden – part of the worldwide MK Illumination Group with roots in Innsbruck – can propose exceptional festive lighting. 

One flagship concept is for Stockholm. The initiative #Stockholmsjul (Stockholm’s Christmas) was created in 2011 by City i Samverkan (a platform for the municipality, property owners, retailers and other stakeholders located in the city) to attract more visitors by lighting up the streets of the capital from late November to mid-January and ensure that everybody has a very merry Christmas. In the ensuing tenders, MK Illumination Sweden has presented concrete proof of vast lighting knowledge, true grasp of the values behind #Stockholmsjul and great production value. New additions actively tell stories about people and Stockholm, tying in with the #Stockholmsjul overall theme.  

Today Stockholm boasts one of the largest festive lighting displays in the world. More than 40 streets, squares and other public places are filled with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights and spectacular lighting creations that infuse the city with a festive atmosphere and offer unique visual experiences to visitors and residents alike. 

In surveys conducted by City i Samverkan 600 visitors were asked: “What is the first thing you think about when you hear the phrase #Stockholmsjul?” The number one answer was “Christmas lighting”. A vast majority could also recommend a visit Stockholm especially to see the lighting. The city has seen a marked increase in visitor numbers over the festive season, which in turn has boosted retail and hotel business. It has also achieved its goal of turning Stockholm into a destination for tourists and shoppers over the festive season. Not only is the city the “The Capital of Scandinavia”, but also “The Capital of Christmas”, thanks to extraordinary lighting delivered by MK Illumination in Sweden and Austria.