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Marine Future - The Nordics in the Lead

10. September 2018

Finland and Norway presented their solutions for autonomous shipping at SMM in Hamburg 

Initiated by AdvantageAustria Finnish and Norwegian stake holders shared their bet on the marina future at the world´s lead event for the marine industry, SMM in Hamburg. And this is what an excited crowed of representatives from Austria´s small yet highly developed marine industry got to hear: 

Ms. Päivi Haikkola of DIMECC Oy, a platform for Digital, Internet, Materials & Engineering Co-Creation lay the foundation for future logistics concepts:

  • “ONE SEA” – The autonomous maritime ecosystem 
    Mr. Ørnulf Jan Rødseth of Norwegian SINTEF Ocean - Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships, which is a branch of Norway´s leading research environment at the technical university of Trondheim, drew up a vivid picture of vast opportunities enabled by this technology. 
  • "Why autonomous ships?“ - Inland and urban waterways, mobility, energy saving
    Mr. Esa Jokioinen of Rolls-Royce Marine in Finland predicted
  •  “AI-ship coming soon“ - How marine disruption is happening.
    The leactures were rounded of by Mr. Peter Due of Norwegian Kongsberg Maritime, who impressed everyone with two cases of autonomous transportation solutions being implemented right now.
  • “Ships as parts of automated transport systems” - Moving bulk materials: The Yara Birkeland project; moving consumer goods - Asco distribution

Thus  AdvantageAustria once again triggered a lively exchange among experts, resulting in more knowledge, better understanding and a clearer picture of the near future at a mutual benefit for all parties involved.

If you want to know more about Austrian expertise within the marine industry please do contact us at