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Meet our staff

1. March 2016

Thank you Elsa

On 29 February our long-term colleague,ElsaTsolakidis, had her last working day at our office. Thus her career spans more than18 years of supporting Austrian companies doing business in Sweden. Several future talents of ADVANTAGEAUSTRIA had been taken under her wings during this time. A multitude of farewellletters from the present management team in Vienna (see photo underneath) witness her achievements. But also formerheads of the Stockholm office did not fail to send an array of ingeniously composed acknowledgments and congratulations. Doing a perfect job was not just a duty for Elsa but also a matter of honour. Typically the image below shows Elsa´s finishing chores before leaving the office for the very last time - 1.5 hours after the official closing hours.

For now we wish Elsa an enjoyable time with new challenges between the native Austrian province of Burgenland, her second home Sweden and in-law Greece.