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Ocular surgery

3. July 2015

Ocular surgery: A novelty worldwide!

The Viennese hospital network (Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund, KAV, ) reported a ocular surgery premiere at the Rudolfstiftung in Vienna this week. A blind patient was successfully implanted a visual prosthesis. The successfulness of the operation is observable already today since the patient - a 55 year old woman - reports that she can see light rays. 

During the operation, doctors implanted an epiretinal eye chip. According to KAV, this type of operation was undertaken 140 times worldwide, the one in Vienna was the first CE-marked and FDA approved visual prosthesis for blind people. The operation can only be undertaken on people that were born with an ability to see and later suffered from a degeneration of the outer retina. Speaking in easy terms: after the operation  the patient will wear special glasses with an integrated camera that sends pictures to the implanted chip. 

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