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Austrian firefighting giant Rosenbauer tests innovative stationary extinguishing system in Sweden

30. July 2018

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden provides an unique environment for hot trials in full scale

Austrian Rosenbauer is famous for its firefighting vehicles. The iconic “Panther” Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting truck can be seen on most airports worldwide, also in Sweden. Rosenbauer´s powerful and sophisticated equipment can also be found in many other Swedish fire trucks currently fighting the vast fires in the Swedish forests.Yet, firefighting is not trucks only. In Western Sweden a full-scale test of Rosenbauer’s stationary extinguishing system (CAFS) for the protection of e.g. warehouses was carried out at RISE. The Research Institutes of Sweden operates an extraordinary facility in Borås, outside Gothenburg, “offering an environment not many places in Europe can match”, explains Michael Ram, Director of the Fire Research Department.

The test environment consisted of an eight-meter high bay pallet storage loaded with various flammable materials. Weeks of preparations lead to an event, only lasting for a few minutes. Once lit the fire was extinguish effectively within short applying pressurized CAFS foam. An additional benefit of this system is the fact, that the foam is environmentally friendly, omitting PFT.

For more information about stationary fire protection call

Roland Voss, Regional Vice President
International Sales - Stationary Fire Protection
Rosenbauer Brandschutz GmbH
Haidfeldstrasse 37
A-4060 Leonding, Austria
M +49 1522 2911 91

or Rosenbauer´s Swedish agent

Sala Brand AB
Rickardt Fasth
T +46 224 373 60

Last but not least, if you pass by Värmdö Fire station you might catch a look at engine number 4310, yet another a well proven vehicle Made in Austria.