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Sweden to upgrade its infrastructure

12. December 2016

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA presents 53 billion euros budget to Austrian stakeholders

The International Suppliers Day of the Swedish Transport Administration – Trafikverket – was held at the end of November and comprised a number of superlatives. A total of almost 53 billion Euros is to be spent on railway and road construction until 2025. Among the most prominent projects are the construction of a high-speed rail link between the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, which is supposed to have a speed rating of 320 km/h, a railway tunnel including stations under Gothenburg and the completion of the outer motorway ring around Stockholm. Overall, approximately 1,400 individual road and rail projects will be implemented.
This means good prospects for civil engineering and railway construction specialists from Austria. The huge number of minor projects even allows for smaller companies to become active in Sweden as well.
Hence the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Stockholm team organised a special seminar for Austrian companies to put them into direct contact with Trafikverkets procurement office. In addition expert talks were given on labor law, corporate culture and do's & don'ts to be observed when working in Sweden.

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