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Discovery in the Öresund Region

19. December 2014

Exciting meetings and new impressions

This year's field trip in the Öresund region had a thrilling start when Lufthansa pilots went out on strike around the time that our guests would begin their journey from Graz.

The result of the strike was that the delegation of about 60 people first arrived in Stockholm half a day later than planned. Thanks to intense rearrangements in the program as well as the great understanding of our Swedish contributors, our team managed to save the main points on the schedule so that the delegation from Styria could participate in the majority of the planned issues on the program.

The journey's focus consisted of renewable energy, wood construction and medical technology. The Öresund region, which is known as one of Europe's most innovative areas, offered several interesting experiences such as visits to Medicon Village in Lund and Max IV laboratory in Lund and the brand new biogas plant in Jordberga.  

The program also included a tour around Malmö's new city district West Harbour and a "Get Togheter" at Invest in Skåne, where participants could exchange experiences and establish contacts under casual relationships.