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all i need

all i need
16. June 2015

all i need – an organic tea beverage makes success in Sweden!

The Austrianbeverage producing company “all i need” registers success on the Swedish market. The tea beverage is now available at LIFE- and XXL-stores in Sweden.

When creating the beverage, the company put a special emphasis on organic, vegan and Fairtrade-ingredients. The company did not want to create another energy drink or ice tea, but rather create a high quality tea beverage. The result is “all i need”. The drink is based on ingredients from all over the world – though with organic and Fairtrade certification which was crucial to the founders of the company. “all i need” contains sencha green tea, açai, agave, aronia, ginger and jasmine – a true international mixture. 

We tried “all i need” and congratulate to a well composed beverage!