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Perfect light in a perfect place

By designing a bespoke system that provides perfect lighting at all times of the day, throughout the different seasons, Bartenbach GmbH have played their part in making Changi Airport the very best in the world.

Bartenbach are experts in bespoke lighting systems. They supplied what has been voted the best airport in the world, Changi Airport Singapore, with specially designed lighting solutions for their Terminal 3.

The essential criterion was to control the quantity of daylight in a way that ensures an optimal light environment throughout the day and the seasons, without artificial light admixture. While a large amount of natural light is desirable in times of monsoon, the same amount on sunny days would cause unwanted bright conditions and high room temperatures.

Skylights with adjustable covers change the amount of incoming daylight, depending on sun position and brightness of the sky. This solution not only provides a pleasant indoor climate, but also creates considerable energy savings, since no artificial light needs to be used during the day. The glass cover underneath the outer panels offers protection against the weather and spreads the daylight onto parabolic reflectors. This in turn brings about a uniform distribution of light in the terminal.

Bartenbach have played their part in making Changi Airport the very best in the world.