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Buildings under Control

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21. August 2007

  Conference on "Automatisation of Buildings"

 Buildings under Control TM Symposium – Under this name the event offers latest news
about new developments in core technologies, user interfaces, network infrastructure
products, and network analysis for building management. Gateways to connect
different protocol technologies are introduced as well as management solutions to
build up distributed BMS, to operate single buildings or distributed real estates. The
focus will be on IP-based communication technologies supporting ANSI/EIA-709,
BACnet, OPC, and other open communication standards.

Special emphasis will be on simplifying the integration of building automation
functions by introducing an open, distributed automation layer for trending,
scheduling and alarming. It will be demonstrated how automation functions on
embedded platforms seamlessly integrate into management tools, embedded
visualization, SCADA systems as well as into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The Buildings under Control TM Symposium takes place in the centre of Vienna
(Austria) and is addressing developers, engineers, sales / marketing representatives,
and consultants from around the world. It is held between September, 18th
(12:00am) and September, 20th, 2007. The event is organized by LOYTEC in
cooperation with Newron System (Colomiers, France). It is an international event.
The conference language is English. The registration fee will be 149.00 EURO.

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