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Traffic Guiding Systems

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11. August 2007

  Barrierfree information for public transport

 Barrierfree information for public transport

2/3 October 2007
Radetzkystrasse 2 (Bundesamtsgebauede)
1010 Wien/Vienna

In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Railways (OeBB) and the Austrian Ministry for Infrastructure (BMVIT), the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) is organising a worldwide unique conference in the city centre of Vienna.
"Barrierfree information for public transport" is the second in a series of "Expert Forums on Traffic Guiding Systems". The focus of this year's event will be on ways of making public transportation accessible in the full meaning of the word. Not only barrierfree architecture which is slowly becoming the norm, but also barrierfree information that enables everyone, handicapped or not, to swiftly find their way around airports, train stations, bus terminals or parking lots, and to track down without delay any relevant pieces of information such as time-tables, ticket prices or departure and arrival platforms/bays with ease.
Top-notch experts from all over Europe (including information design, web and graphic design professionals, public transport authorities, firms involved in the production and development of ticket vending machines, display manufacturing and passenger information systems as well as experts concerned with the needs of handicapped travellers) will be presenting and discussing the latest developments in the area of barrierfree information in the area of public transport.
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