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Labour Market

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One of the fundamental strengths of Austria as a business location is its highly qualified and motivated workforce: Austria boasts to have the best employees in the world. Despite a comparatively low unemployment rate, Austria has a large pool of available skilled labour.

Qualified and motivated workforce

Austrian workers are highly motivated. There’s no better measure than the degree to which Austrian employees identify with their employers’ goals - a characteristic that is reflected in the high quality of products and broad customer satisfaction. Although skilled labour in the country is increasingly in short supply, the situation is much better than in other industrial nations.

The Austrian Labour market in numbers

In 2018 about 3.74 million persons were employed in Austria: 2 million men and 1.74 million women. During the same period of time some 73.9% of the labour force worked in the service sector, 25.4% in the industry, and less than 1% in agriculture and forestry sector.

Austria’s economic stability is reflected in its high level of employment. With its low unemployment rate, Austria takes a top position - not only in the EU, but also worldwide. Despite a comparatively low unemployment rate of 4.8%, Austria has a large pool of available skilled labour.

One of the main strengths of Austria as a business location is the qualified and highly motivated staff. Austrian workers’ extraordinary loyalty and identification with company goals are key factors in the nation’s high productivity and quality standards. In international comparison, Austria ranks fifth in the world behind Denmark, Norway, Ireland and Switzerland.

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