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November 20, 2013 - November 22, 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

Event details

20. November 2013 - 22. November 2013B.52;B.31;B.54GREENBUILD 2013

Austrian Pavilion at the GREENBUILD International Conference and Expo 2013 in Philadelphia - Stop by our booth 1601

8 Austrian companies will showcase the latest technologies and innovations in the field of sustainable and greenbuilding and construction. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Chicago - Austrian Trade Commission will be hosting an Austrian pavillon and looks forward to welcoming you at the Austrian booth @ 1601!

Join us at a presentation by Nabih Tahan, AIA & Vice President Business Development at CREE Buildings Inc.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
2 - 3 PM
Room: Outside Terrace Ballroom, 400 Level @ Pennsylvania Conventiona Center

In today's world, 40% of the energy, CO2‚ and resource consumption and 40% of waste production are ascribed to the construction industry. This presentation will tell the story of LCT ONE, an eight story timber office building that was designed to reverse these trends and introduce "A Natural Change in Urban Architecture" to our growing cities.

Prior to building LCT ONE, the LifeCycle Tower R&D project was conducted to develop a flexible, prefabricated, timber-based construction system. The results indicated up to a 90% improvement in the CO2‚ balance and 50% improved resource efficiency when comparing timber buildings to similar reinforced concrete buildings.

LCT ONE was prefabricated to plan. Benefits include shorter construction schedules, price guarantees, reduced noise and dust pollution and elimination of defects. By building systematically, the entire lifecycle of every product and the entire building is taken into consideration, from creation to disposal.

In order to build to this standard, an integrated "systems approach" was developed that includes architectural design, engineered systems, building physics, fire protection and controlled, prefabricated production and assembly. The result of the project is a flexible product for timber based multi-story buildings, with a positive energy balance and an unmatched ecological footprint.

Greenbuild is a perfect opportunity to meet with Austrian greenbuilding experts, network with leading industry professionals and learn from international representatives from around the world.