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11.2 Million Passengers Flew with Austrian Airlines in 2014

March 4, 2015

Flights to North America increase, European results suffer from political situation in Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East

The Austrian Airlines Group operated more than 127,000 flights in the period January to December 2014, carrying approximately 11.2 million passengers. This corresponds to an average of about 348 flights and more than 30,000 passengers per day.

“The crisis regions in the Middle East, Russia and the Ukraine considerably dampened demand in 2014,” says Andreas Otto, Chief Commercial Officer of Austrian Airlines. “However, the strong expansion of our offering to North America was a complete success.“

The number of passengers flying with Austrian Airlines on its intercontinental flights in 2014 climbed by more than 120,000 in comparison to the previous year, an increase of 7.3 percent.

In the year 2014 as a whole, Austrian Airlines carried about 9.4 million passengers in Europe, corresponding to a decrease of 2.5 percent from the previous year. This drop is due to the political crises in the Ukraine and Russia, which in turn led to short-term flight cancellations and flight service reductions. Austrian Airlines completely terminated all flights to the destinations of Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine for close to five weeks in the summer of 2014, and reduced its offering when flight service was resumed in order to reflect the restrained level of demand. Flight service to and from Russia was also adjusted downwards in the course of 2014 to reflect declining demand.

Austrian Airlines carried close to 1.8 million passengers on its intercontinental flights in 2014 (+ 7.3 percent from the previous year). This passenger growth was achieved thanks to the strong expansion of flight service to North America. Austria’s national carrier added a new destination to its flight schedule, namely Newark, starting on July 2, 2014. In addition, as of July 1, 2014 it has operated a larger aircraft, a Boeing 777, on its daily flights to Washington instead of a Boeing 767. Moreover, the number of weekly flights to Chicago was upped from five to seven as of May 2014.

Austrian Airlines is Austria’s largest carrier and operates a global route network of round 130 destinations. That route network is particularly dense in Central and Eastern Europe with 39 destinations. Thanks to its favorable geographical location at the heart of Europe, the company’s hub at Vienna International Airport is the ideal gateway between East and West.