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Companies Meet at the Austria Connect Conference in New York

September 12, 2011

Trade Commissioners of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago welcome Austrian companies and their US subsidiaries at the World Trade Center - Keynote speaker Duncan Niederauer, CEO of the NY Stock Exchange, praises choice of venue as "historic"

"I cannot stress enough what this means for us, that you have chosen to conduct your annual conference here at the World Trade Center, two days before the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. You are sending the right message to Manhattan, to New York and to your own business community." Duncan Niederauer, keynote speaker at the 2011 AUSTRIA CONNECT Conference, said on Friday.

This year's edition of the Austria Connect USA, which took place from September 8 to 10, brought together 130 CEOs and presidents of 80 US and Austrian companies, who gathered on the 40th floor of 7 World Trade Center to network and listen to what some of the smartest minds of US business had to say. After an introduction by Austrian Ambassador to the US, Christian Prosl, who stressed the importance of communicating with Congress, other speakers included Hannes Hunschofsky from Hoerbiger Corp,. Harm Bandholz, Chief Analyst of Unicredit Bank in the US, and business "guru" Jerry Wind, Director, SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management at Wharton University.

New York based Trade Commissioner to the US, Christian Kesberg, who hosted this year's event, was convinced that Austrian Businesses' interest in the US is growing. In an interview with Austrian ORF television, Kesberg said: "We never saw such a wave of investments into the US market before. Austrian companies profit from less competition and perceive the current state of the economy as an opportunity." (DR)

Foto: David Plakke