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Austrian Cheeses Conquer The Food Emporium in Manhattan

Austrian cheese © ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA


November 19, 2010

 Austrian gourmet cheese now exclusively available in New York City 

Starting on Friday the 19th of November, the exclusive Manhattan food retailer, The Food Emporium will singularly carry a range of Austrian gourmet cheeses. The Food Emporium has distinguished itself as a chic retailer of gourmet staple and specialty food in Manhattan and Connecticut claiming it provides “a world-class market place with the convenience of a neighborhood supermarket”. The 16 outlets scattered across Manhattan carry selected and thought-through ranges from across the world, picking the best and most exclusive. And starting this weekend you can exclusively purchase Austrian “Gruyere”-type from Rupp and Royal Rebel, Red Wine and Fitness Cheese from the Käserebellen.

Rupp stems from the heart of the Alps in Vorarlberg, they are a traditional cheese making house in Austria and have established themselves as such during the 1910s. The company has pioneered the production of soft cheese and was amongst the first to export such to the USA during the 1930s. Rupp, as one of the most traditional cheese manufacturers has now commenced its export to the US market through finest delicatessen cheeses.

Similarly, the Käserebellen originate from Vorarlberg, where cheese making in the Sulzberg area dates back to 1860. The cheese makers of the region have united to form “Rebel Cheese Makers” and now market their exclusive cheeses across Europe. They solely use hay-milk, which is said to make the purest and most flavorful of all cheeses.