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The internationally renowned and successful technology company Kapsch has recently acquired the US venture MARK IV IVHS



November 10, 2010

  Intelligent traffic company merger

 Kapsch TrafficCom AG, an Austrian firm, listed on the Viennese stock exchange, is amongst the leading companies developing smart traffic telematics, information technology and telecommunications. These technologies contribute to intelligent transportation systems to manage, predict and structure modern mass-transportation on motorways to increase safety. Specifically, dedicated short-range communication is used for automated toll collection of passenger and heavy goods vehicles. With branches on all five continents and over 240 references, Kapsch is one of the leading companies in the particular field.

The American company Mark IV IVHS is a subsidy of Mark IV LLC, it is based in the USA, Canada and Mexico. It specialises in similar intelligent managing transportation systems and toll reduction software to Kapsch. Furthermore it is amongst the leading companies in the field in northern America, supplying over 3,700 lanes.

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