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Austrian software developer expands exports to the USA

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November 16, 2010

 Austrian ergonomic technology believed to revolutionize the American market 

 The Austrian high-tech company Logicdata develops software technology and devices to ergonomically adjust furniture. Their mission statement proclaims “innovative motor controls and operating elements for electronically height-adjustable furniture to adapt to human needs”. Their products include ergonimically adjustable tables which can be elevated and descended at the individuals wishes; as well as beds with multiple adaptable ergonomic components ideal for care and rehabilitation after hospital stay. The company operating out of Deutschlandsberg in Styria has generated an excellent international reputation and has generated an annual revenue of €10 million.

Through the aid of the local Syrian government institutions the company was able to master the jump to the US market despite the recession. The US market is incredibly significant for the company, as it poses the largest and most developed market for ergonomic furniture. Furthermore, collaborations and joint technological development are believed to benefit both.

Additional information on Logicdata is available at  Logicdata