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Excellent Guide to Austrian Schnapps in Saveur Magazine

apples © Österreich Werbung/Weinhaeupl W.

© Österreich Werbung/Weinhaeupl W.

February 10, 2011

Gölles & Reisetbauer Highly Praised for their Products

 In a recent article in Saveur Magazine, Matt Gross, a regular contributor to the NY Times, dives into the art of schnapps-making in Austria. During a trip to Austria last year, he visited the Gölles and Reisetbauer production sites in Styria and and Upper Austria, respectively. There Gross tasted his way through the fruity assortments that these two producers have to offer.

The in-depth article describes the tradition and art of schnapps production in Austria. In recent years the trend in schnapps production shifted from quantity to quality. Nowadays schnapps producers grow their own high-quality fruits, harvest them at exactly the right moment, and use high-tech equipment in combination with skillful artisanry in order to obtain a perfectly distilled end product.

One of the famous Austrian schnapps producers, Alois Gölles, explains the process of distilling high-quality schnapps and the artisanry necessary for getting the right flavors into the bottle. Some of his special schnapps (aged apple and plum) are even stored for years in oak barrels.

Hans Reisetbauer’s products impressed Gross with their well-balanced blend of intense alcohol and fruit flavors. Like Alois Gölle, Mr. Reisetbauer has taken his family business in a completely new direction by concentrating on high-end fruit schnapps and in some new creations, like carrot schnapps.
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