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Apeiron Biologics AG

April 4, 2016

Austrian Biotech Company Apeiron Enters License Agreement with Columbia University for Potential Cancer Immunotherapy

Vienna-based Apeiron Biologics AG recently entered a license agreement with Columbia Technology Ventures , the technology transfer office of Columbia University in New York, thus obtaining worldwide exclusive rights to develop and commercialize active cellular immunotherapies under the licensed patents.


The patents cover the inhibition of Cbl-b in T cells, which is a new approach for checkpoint blockade, designed to activate the immune system against cancer. A phase I clinical trial is currently underway at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina. 

The trial is based on the research by Prof. Josef Penninger, head of the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) in Vienna who founded Apeiron in 2006. A patent was granted, but - at about the same time - a research group at Columbia University also received a patent in this area. In order to avoid future conflicts and to expand the company’s intellectual property portfolio, Apeiron has striven to obtain the relevant licensing, according to its CEO Hans Loibner, who welcomes the license agreement as an important step forward in the development of a cancer immunotherapy based on the Cbl-b gene.