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National ENERGY GLOBE Award Puerto Rico 2017

December 26, 2017

Energy Globe Award:  

With more than 178 participating countries and over 2,000 project submissions annually the Energy Globe Award is today's most prestigious environmental prize worldwide. 

The Energy Globe Award distinguishes projects regionally, nationally and globally that conserve resources such as energy or utilize renewable or emission-free sources. Award ceremonies are held all over the world. Prominent personalities as well as Energy Globe Ambassadors in 90 countries support the mission of Energy Globe.

And the National ENERGY GLOBE Award Puerto Rico 2017 goes to ...                                                                       Tropic Ventures Sustainable Forestry & Rainforest Enrichment Project                                                                  Submitted by: Thrity Vakil

Thrity Vakil, this year's winner of the Energy Globe Award in Puerto Rico, implemented a sustainable and outstanding project: Testing the efficacy of line-planting enrichment in the wet tropical forest life zone as a means of achieving both economic return and protection of natural biological resources. A sustainable initiative for a sustainable future!                          

Jury-Rating                                                                                                                                                        Rainforests have been destroyed for economical profit for years with serious consequences for the eco system, habitats and the global environment. The reforestation needs to be considered very carefully to reduce the harm and improve the long-term situation without disturbing the environmental balance any further. Well done!

The Austrian Honorary Consul in Puerto Rico, Mr. Augusto Schreiner, kindly hosted an exclusive ceremony on Monday December 18, 2017 to present the National Energy Globe Award 2017 for Puerto Rico to Ms. Thrity Vakil, President of the Tropic Ventures Research and Education Foundation. Approximately 20 guests of Ms. Vakil were present at the award ceremony at the Austrian Consulate in San Juan. 

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is an enthusiastic supporter of the Energy Globe Awards and its aim to strengthen society’s awareness of the necessity for ecological change, by honoring outstanding best practice projects in environmental sustainability from all parts of the world. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is the official Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of the Republic of Austria and as a country we are proud of our success in green technologies. Our support of the Energy Globe Awards continues this tradition.

Picture from left:                                                                                                                                                               Ms. Thrity Vakil, President, Tropic Ventures Research and Education Foundation and Augusto Schreiner, Honorary Consul of Austria in Puerto Rico.