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Austria: Top Numbers in Glass Recycling in 2011

June 15, 2012

Record results attained with 230,000 tons of scrap glass

Austria has once again justified her reputation as a glass recycling nation: 230,000 tons of scrap glass were collected and sent to recycling in 2011 (up 2,600 tons from 2010). This report comes from Austria Glas Recycling GmbH (AGR) , which is responsible for the collection and processing of scrap glass packaging in Austria.

Austria is number 1 when compared with other nations in the European Union, and has continually had excellent results since collection of scrap glass began in the 1970s. Per capita collection in private households is also impressive: the average Austrian collected more than 26 kg (approx. 57 lbs.) of waste glass in 2011. According to Dr. Harald Hauke, managing director of AGR, “Our many years of experience together with professional collaboration with our partners make it possible to perfect the collection process and to motivate the general public to really recycle. These stellar results reflect the Austrian public’s environmental awareness and confirm we are on the right path.” Glass is 100% recyclable. All of the collected and recycled glass packaging is used in the production of new bottles and jars, thereby saving massive amounts of raw materials.

According to AGR, there is always room for improvement despite this success. This is particularly true in urban areas where collection of scrap glass needs to be increased.