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Austria's Tissue-Gnostics Develops Cutting Edge Software for Scientific Analysis

April 15, 2009

Microscope analysis software is used at Nortwestern University's Cell Imaging Facility

The Austrian company TissueGnostics has announced that its microscope imaging software has recently been implemented for use at the world renowned Northwestern University Cell Imaging Center in Chicago.

TissueGnostics, formed in 2003, has developed software which is used in conjunction with microscope analysis. The company’s software can locate individual cells in their native tissue environment and analyze them as single objects. The new algorithms and automated routines developed by TissueGnostics are reliable tools to identify cells and cell nuclei based on tiny differences in staining. Only two markers are required to capture the overwhelming majority of tumor cells in any given tissue segment. In addition, each tumor cell is subdivided into its nuclear, cytoplasmic and membranous compartments.

Being much more precise than conventional analysis methods, TissueGnostics software greatly reduces the margin of error in addition to being much more efficient than using the naked eye for visual approximations. TissueGnostics is the first manufacturer to develop these type of tools for supplying exact data for rigorous scientific analysis in the biotech, diagnostic, clinical and pharmaceutical fields.

TissueGnostics does not have a dedicated distributor in the United States at this time. The company, however, is currently engaged in an expansion program having recently developed partners in England, Ireland, France and Italy. These plans call for adding ten new distributors in 2009, including the United States.