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Austria - Country of Glass Recycling

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September 10, 2014

Figures for scrap glass collection increased again

From January to July 2014, 115,300 tons of scrap glass were collected in Austria. Compared to 2013, this figure reflects an increase of 300 tons. In Austria, the non-profit organization Austria Glas Recycling is responsible for the collection and processing of glass packaging. The Austrian glass recycling system has ranked among the top systems internationally for years.

Accurate information about the proper collection and recycling of glass packaging is one of many key factors that contribute to maintaining and improving this high level. Dr. Harald Hauke, Managing Director of Austria Glas Recycling GmbH comments: “The figures bear this out: Austria is a country of glass recycling. Responsible, well-informed people and a sufficiently mature collection infrastructure are the key drivers in achieving success. We consider it our mission to keep improving the system, thereby making a valuable contribution to environmental and climate protection as well as responsible recycling management together with our people, our communities, and our partner organizations.”

Circular Economy
Glass recycling is a perfect circular economy. 100% of the waste glass collected can be recycled and utilized for the production of new glass packaging. This results in considerable savings in primary raw materials and energy.