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Austria Showcase: Manufacturing Engineering and Plant Engineering in the Southeast US

May 12, 2016

Austrian manufacturing technology and plant engineering firms extend networks to southeastern US 

Due to the increased demand for Austrian manufacturing and plant technology in southeastern states in the US such as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and South Carolina, ten executives from seven Austrian manufacturing technology and plant engineering firms participated in Austria Showcase:  Manufacturing Engineering and Plant Engineering in the Southeast US on April 17-21, 2016.  The organizer of this program, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, supports Austrian companies in their efforts to develop and strengthen their US business activities.

The event was focused on networking and fact-finding for Austrian companies to further develop manufacturing technology and plant engineering opportunities in the southeastern USA.  The program began with participation in the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern US program “Southern SME Forum for German Small & Medium Sized Enterprises” held in Savannah, GA on April 18, 2016.  Conference topics included workforce, logistics, mobility, tax, immigration and other legal issues.  A thread running through the program was that both technology and business processes need to be adapted to best meet the needs of the US market.  Networking for joint Austrian-German projects with a variety of German firms primarily in the automotive and logistics firms was also key.  

The focus of Austria Showcase: Manufacturing Engineering and Plant Engineering in the Southeast US was a series of plant visits to the following Austrian and Swiss firms:  ALPLA, INC., VOESTALPINE AUTOMOTIVE BODY PARTS INC., INTERROLL ATLANTA LLC and DECOSTAR INDUSTRIES / MAGNA EXTERIORS.  In addition, we also brought together top experts in a panel discussion to provide their expertise and insight regarding how to best locally develop Austrian expertise.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Ben Wang, Executive Director, Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, and guest speakers were Philipp Schulz, voestalpine automotive body parts, Inc.; Wolfgang Steinwender, Next Generation Recycling Machines, Inc.; Andreas Boedenauer, INP North America, Inc.; Barbara Boedenauer, SGS Industrial Services Inc.; and Troels Adrian and John W. Woodward, Metro Atlanta Chamber. 

The delegation also enjoyed the hospitality of Austrian Honorary Consul Ferdinand Seefried who hosted a memorable reception at his beautiful home, as well as an evening of good food and conversation at a local steakhouse sponsored by a group of generous, well-renowned service experts. 

Program participants were the companies Alba tooling & engineering GmbH, ALU TP GmbH, FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH, INSITE IT GmbH, INTREST SCM Striedinger consulting GmbH and TELE Haase Steuergeräte Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.  All participants have either established US customers or subsidiaries and were able to extend both their networks and expertise directly into the dynamic Southeast US market.  We expect to be publishing more press releases on Austrian firms either opening plants or being directly involved in specialized manufacturing capabilities in the new facilities.