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Austrian “Master plan“: Create 100,000 Additional “Green Jobs“ by 2020

October 27, 2010

Currently 185,000 Austrians work in the environmental and climate protection sectors. Austria’s goal is to create 100,000 additional “green jobs” by 2020. To realize this goal, the Austrian Ministry of Environment together with the President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) presented the “Master Plan for Green Jobs“ in October, 2010. This strategy paper aims to pave the way for an alliance between federal and regional agencies as well as relevant non-governmental organizations. These stakeholders are invited to actively and consistently collaborate for Austrian economic green growth. “Green jobs“ include all tasks in the environmental and climate protection sector and span a spectrum from waste disposal to specialized engineering services.

Approximately 35,000 new jobs are to be created through thermal rehabilitation projects, which include improvements in insulation and energy-efficient climate control systems. The aim is to increase the rate of “thermally improved buildings” from a current level of 1% to 3% by 2020, which translates to approximately 700,000 households. According to the master plan, 6,000 additional “green jobs“ will be created by increasing exports of green goods and services. Growing demand for eco-tourism will result in about 13,500 jobs, while intensified use of forest biomass is likely to generate another 6,500 new jobs. The Ministry of Environment expects that 15,000 jobs will be created by expanding and improving public transport services and investments in energy systems, particularly for e-mobility (electrical cars) that will lead to 20,000 new jobs.

More information, including a .pdf download, can be found in German at