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Austrian AVL gets selected by EPA for emissions testing



September 7, 2011

 US Environmental Protection Agency uses Austrian Technology 

The U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency ) has selected AVL technology for emissions testing related to renewable and other types of fuels. The agency will use the company's iGeneration technology in fully automated emissions, sampling, and measurements instrumentation to test a wide range of vehicles under various simulated climate scenarios from 20 to 100°F (-7 to 38°C). These include 1000- to 14,000-lb vehicles with single- or dual-drive axles fueled by gasoline, alcohol and other oxygenated fuels, gaseous fuels, and diesel or biodiesel fuel. AVL will provide AMAi60s for sampling and measurement of diluted and raw exhaust, a CVSi60 Constant Volume Sampler with two independent dilution tunnels for clean and dirty exhaust samples, a PSSi60 for particulate sampling, and the company's PUMA automation system with iGEM Vehicle Emission testing application software.

AVL is the world's largest privately owned company for development, simulation and testing technology of power trains (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric drive, batteries and software) for passenger cars, trucks and large engines. The high-tech company AVL employs 4,570 people worldwide. Turnover in 2010 was 912 Mio. USD. AVL has 19 engine- and other special testbed installations within North America.