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Austrian Urban Technologies impress American delegation

April 26, 2012

George C. Marshall Visit to Austria: Smart Cities – Urban Technologies

“Austria is probably 10 years ahead of the U.S. in regard to urban planning and implemented technologies,” was the credo heard from visiting U.S. experts on urban planning when visiting Austria in April 2012. A mutual European and Austrian political agenda for climate protection by 2050, more political influence in urban planning and generous subsidy schemes create a stable framework for companies and experts to work on innovative solutions for the cities and buildings of the future.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA - the Austrian Trade Commission together with the Austrian Embassy coordinated the visit of an American delegation to Austria from April 9 to 14, 2012 at the invitation of the Austrian government in order to meet Austrian representatives of federal ministries and agencies and Austrian experts and companies in the field of urban development. Participants in the American delegation included among others: Andrew Mooney, Director of Planning, City of Chicago, John W. Frece, Environment Protection Agency, James E. Shelby, City of Atlanta - Department of Planning and Community Development, and Michael LoGrande, City of Los Angeles – Planning Department.

The Marshall Visit led the American delegation to Vienna, Austria’s capital and largest city, and Graz, Austria’s second largest city. Multiple presentations focused on Austria’s perspective of sustainable city management and introduced different successful projects in this area. Site visits such as the thermal treatment plant in Vienna showed the practical realization of these theories.
The agenda included visits to the Austrian Institute of Technology and the Austrian Parliament. Most attendees greatly valued the discussion with other city planners and had high praise for the meeting with Maria Vassilakou, Deputy Mayor of Vienna. Energy efficiency and public transportation seemed to be particularly hot topics.