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Austrian MED-EL Founder and CEO Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair Receives Prestigious Lasker Award for Development of the Modern Cochlear Implant

October 23, 2013

Award honors scientists whose contributions have improved the clinical treatment of patients

Worldwide hearing implant leader MED-EL Medical Electronics headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria announced in September 2013 that the Austrian Founder and CEO Ingeborg Hochmair, PhD, was selected to receive this year's prestigious Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for the development of the modern cochlear implant, a device that restores hearing to individuals with severe-to-profound deafness through electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve. This highly-respected scientific award honors scientists whose contributions have improved the clinical treatment of patients.

MED-EL Medical Electronics is a leading provider of hearing implant systems worldwide. The company was founded by Austrian scientists and industry pioneers Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair, who together developed the world's first microelectronic, multichannel cochlear implant in 1977. In 1990, they laid the foundation for the successful growth of the company when they hired their first employees. To date, the privately held company now has more than 1,500 employees around the world.

The cochlear implant was and remains the first replacement of a human sense, the sense of hearing. Today, MED-EL offers the widest range of implantable solutions worldwide to treat the various degrees of hearing loss, including cochlear, middle ear and bone conduction implant systems as well as a system for combined electric and acoustic stimulation. MED-EL's mission is to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication and quality of life. Individuals in approximately 100 countries enjoy the gift of hearing with a MED-EL Hearing Implant System.