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Austrian study and discussion on political risk management model

July 12, 2017

Wanted: Managers of Austrian companies active in the US to participate in focus group

STRATOS project

In September 2017, the Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies , organizes a focus group discussion for the STRATOS research project , with managers of Austrian companies which are active internationally (incl. North America).

The focus groups will be designed to discuss the following topics:

- What does political risk mean for managers,
- How do companies deal with and manage risks deriving from the political and institutional environment, and
- If, and how a strategic political risk management system is structured in the organization.

The aim of the research project is to develop a political risk management model, which supports companies in identifying and evaluating political risks in a certain market and formulate responding strategies to counteract and mitigate those political risks.

In pursuing this aim, the Competence Center and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce work closely with the following institutions: Vienna University of Economics and Business , the Österreichische Kontrollbank and the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies .  

If you would like to participate or have any questions about this project please get in touch with us at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Chicago at .


Background information

The Competence Center for Black Sea Region Studies, through its various research, teaching and network activities, has created a field which generates excellent synergy effects for STRATOS project (STRATOS – Strategic Management of Political Risks in the Eastern Partnership and Russia). Recent efforts in research can thus be developed further in order to create significant value added not just for research and academia, but most importantly for companies which are engaged internationally. 

Transferring the research results into applicable instruments and tools for companies is in the main focus of STRATOS.

Political Risk Management means strategically dealing with real and potential threats to international enterprises which are due to political and state-institutional influence factors in the foreign market, and impact on a company’s performance. Political Risk Management thus aims at preventing, avoiding, mitigating and/or minimizing the ensuing negative consequences, which can range from opportunity losses to expropriations.

The five year’s research program, which started in January 2017, is divided into three phases, with each phase having a specific purpose in order to accomplish the project aim. Phase 1 serves to empirically establish the status quo of Political Risk Management in Austrian enterprises. In Phase 2 of the research project a strategic model for the analysis and management of political risk, while Phase 3 is dedicated to disseminating, discussing and communicating the research project.