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Austria´s SSX Creates Media Push From Anger in Detroit

February 13, 2012

Taking the message of innovative Austrian automotive component production machines to the streets

The Austrian advertisement firm is literally putting Austrian machining company Anger Machining GmbH right on Chrysler LLC´s doorstep in Auburn Hills, Michigan. An innovative billboard campaign displays a huge control valve for an 8-gear automatic clutch. This campaign is targeting Chrysler executives who commute (what else but by car) to and from the firm´s headquarters. A second billboard is placed in Trenton, MI, a secondary commuter route for Chrysler management.

The largest gear manufacturing plant in the USA is owned by Chrysler and located in Kokomo, Indiana. Due to the recession, the plant was closed and all employees terminated in 2009. Then Fiat, Chrysler´s current owners, jumped in and reopened the plant utilizing high-tech automatic production equipment purchased from Anger and licensed from the German producer ZF . As a result, Chrysler 2013 models will have the most modern transmissions in the world: an 8- and 9-speed automatic transmission for front-wheel drive. Anger´s system consists of machines with fully automated robot loading to machine the new transmission´s valve plates and the valve body.

SSX´s marketing campaign on behalf of Anger has been successfully used to target Volkswagen in Mexico and Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart. In this third round aimed at Chrysler Detroit, SSX has carefully researched and targeted very specific demographics. Hundreds of thousands may view the billboard, but only a large percentage of a very small target group is intended to be reached. SSX is a 25 year old Austrian advertisement company showcasing products around the world.

Anger won a contract in 2011 to provide six HCX transfer center machines to Chrysler’s Kokomo (Indiana) Transmission Plant . ANGER machining solutions have been established successfully at leading international automotive manufacturers like Daimler AG and Volkswagen, top-tier component suppliers such as Bosch, ZF or the Linamar Group etc. as well as numerous die casting enterprises are among Angers long term customers.