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Baxter Strengthens Austrian R&D Position

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April 15, 2009

Two new production facilities and additional R&D development for 2009

The U.S. pharmaceutical giant is continuing its steady growth in Austria. 225 million USD--a full 75% of Baxter´s global research and development budget—were invested in Austria in 2008.

According to Andreas Kronberger, CEO of Baxter Austria, three projects are now being implemented: a new laboratory complex in Orth an der Donau, and a bottling plant and plasma products production facility in Vienna, where more than 80% of R&D occurs.

Kronberger expects growth to continue through the next few years, even through the economic downturn. He states that as the company offers life-saving therapeutical products to users such as hemophiliacs and dialysis patients, the company is not subject to disruptions experienced by the health care industry in general. At worst, he expects, Baxter´s growth could slow down a bit.