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CAMCAT-Systems proves its skills at the NBC election Night

November 13, 2012

 High-tech-Company from lower Austria delivers pictures for NBC 

Millions of Americans were waiting for the results of the presidential election in front of their TVs and the High-tech-Company from lower Austria delivers, with their Cable Camera System “CAMCAT® Colibri”, the pictures for NBC.
“The Colibri is our compact, lightweight system. This fully stabilized system provides the ideal solution for this very special application on the Democracy Plaza without compromising the quality.” said Alexander Brozek (CEO of CAMCAT-Systems).
The remote controlled Camera was smoothly flying above Democracy Plaza where a huge Map of the US States was set up and the results were shown.
Starting from the 60 meter high roof of the Saks-Building the Colibri System made its way till Rockefeller Center and was able to catch the key moments of President Obamas way to his second term in office.

CAMCAT at Election Night 2012

CAMCAT at Election Night 2012 



The Colibri-System was developed in 2011 as a lightweight Version to the CAMCAT® Standard and had its premiere at the famous Austrian “Neujahrs Konzert” of the Vienna Philharmonics.
The Camera Buggy produced absolutely no sound while moving through the so called “Golden Hall” during the Concert which was one of the requirements beside the minimal space and small forces the System needs to be set up.

Besides that the company is already known for Years for their spectacular Setups and beautiful Shots as also for their “know how” and innovations.
“At the Olympic Games 2012 in London CAMCAT-Systems was represented with 6 of their Systems and was able to set new standards for live Broadcast” said Brozek.
One of the maybe most remarkable CAMCAT® tracks there was realized at Eaton Dorney for the Rowing competitions where the camera buggy was flying on a 2400 meter long track in between special erected 90 meter high towers and was able to show the athletes from an all-new perspective.

Also this summer the Company was able to prove what they are able to do concerning Speed. At several Formula 1 races the CAMCAT® Highspeed reached speeds up to 150km/h and accelerated faster than the racing cars.