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Clothes make the Man!

May 21, 2009

From June 16th to 18th the packaging exhibition “A.PACK 2009 " will take place in Salzburg. The main theme of the show will be the importance of good-looking packages.

In everyday life, people try to project a good image by dressing well. We know the importance of a good first impression when we go to an interview for a job. “Clothes make the man!” According to a statement of show organizer Klaus Vogl, the same is true for packaging. Packages can be seen as the “business card” of a product. They create an image and communicate with the customer. Luxury goods require luxury packaging.

Some people see packaging as a necessary evil; something which causes waste and should be done away with. Actually, packaging protects products so that they arrive at their destination safely and in good condition. You can’t think of many things in modern society without packaging.

“Every package should identify with its product and the other way around. “ This is the message of A.PACK 2009. For this reason the exhibition itself will try to look well-packaged. The halls will be decorated with ties and even female personnel will sport neckwear. Exhibitors are being encouraged to present themselves as unique and high-class in keeping with the show tagline “Products Wearing Ties.”