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Doka Frames Underwater Tunnel in Downtown Norfolk, Virginia

February 11, 2015

High-Performing, Cost-Efficient Solutions by Austrian formwork specialist

Doka’s heavy-duty supporting system SL-1 is being used to build the new Second Midtown Tunnel under the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, VA, in order to relieve the traffic in the existing tunnel as well as to improve travel times. The new tunnel will be 0.7 miles long and will consist of eleven separate segments with a weight of about 13 tons each. These segments are pre-built in a dry dock in Baltimore, MD, and transported to Norfolk. Afterwards the tunnel segments are fixed together underwater and sealed with rubber seals.

This special system and the use of watertight concrete make the Second Midtown Tunnel only the second such tunnel in the U.S. not requiring an external steel skin. The project is intended to be completed in September 2016.
Further details are available here .