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Dual Education from Austria as Model for the Future

April 14, 2014

Key study cites Austrian vocational education for answers to overcome US shortage of skilled workers in manufacturing

The April, 2014 study “Global Responses to the Skills Gap: Emerging Lessons” cites vocational training in Austria as a viable model for US companies to consider in developing skilled labor and overcoming key worker shortages in manufacturing. The study, commissioned by the Manufacturing Institute, Atlantic Council and Alcoa Foundation, makes it clear that the US has to consider changes to how it develops skills if it is to maintain competitiveness in manufacturing.
The Austrian-based firms Blum and Hoerbiger were cited as offering pragmatic solutions to building flexible skills through on the job training as well as cooperation with local community colleges. Several other Austrian companies participated in the study in order to provide a consensus overview of Austria, which is mentioned throughout the study.

Global Responses to the Skills Gap: Emerging Lessons